Lorenza Beati

Curator of the U.S. National Tick Collection - Institute for Coastal Plain Science
Professor - Biology Department


Lorenza Beati, M.D. Ph.D.

The U.S. National Tick Collection
Institute for Coastal Plain Science
College of Science and Mathematics
Georgia Southern University
69 Georgia Avenue - Building 204
P.O. Box 8042
Statesboro, Georgia 30458
Phone: (912) 478-5564
Fax: (912) 478-0559

Research My research focuses on the study of the taxonomy, evolutionary relationships, and population genetics of arthropods, in particular hard-ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) and the New World sand fly genus Lutzomyia (Diptera: Psychodidae).These taxonomic groups include a number of species involved in the transmission of diseases to humans and animals.

I am particularly interested in:
  • Developing molecular tools for a finer taxonomic identification of different groups of vector species and for linking immature stages of ticks to the corresponding adult species.
  • Reassessing the systematic relationships of vector taxa, by phylogenetic analyses of morphological and molecular characters.
  • Using phylogenetic reconstructions to better understand the evolutionary history of these taxa, and the development of specific associations between vectors, hosts, pathogens, environment, and geographic distribution.
  • Studying the intraspecific genetic structure of arthropod vectors of medical importance.
  • Maintaining and increasing the taxonomic breadth of the U.S. National Tick Collection.
  • Progressively revising the USNTC holdings.
  • Making the USNTC database accessible through this web site.
  • Creating a tick DNA collection.
  • Supporting the work of visiting scientists and students.
    In the classroom:
  • Systematic Biology
  • Applied Biology, offered to graduate students for the first time in Fall 2010. Co-taught with Drs Lance Durden and William Irby.
    In this class students explore malaria, its history, transmission mechanisms, mosquito vectors, and learn about prevention, eradication efforts, and treatment.
  • In the lab:
  • Research projects are available for motivated undergraduate and graduate students who wish to acquire experience in the study of the taxonomy and evolution of vectors and vector-borne diseases (see: Students involved in my research and prospective students).
  • In the field:
  • Arthropod Diversity and Ecology in the Swiss Alps. In this class students learn how to prepare a field expedition abroad, and how to study arthropods in an unfamiliar environment. Offered for the first time in Summer 2009 (B).
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